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Fully functioning brakes are vital to your road safety. Whether you’re on your way home or taking an extensive road trip, you’ll pump the brakes often. Every second counts, and it’s crucial to pay attention when braking. Rasping or screeching noises, warning lights and brake pedal shudder necessitate a visit to an auto expert.

Avoid the risk of accident or injury by checking your brakes every six months – especially before a long drive. Visit a Supa Quick Auto Centre for a free vehicle safety test for complete peace of mind when you get behind the wheel.

Brake pad guarantee

At Supa Quick, specialist fitters equip cars with top quality parts, even more so when it comes to brake pads. We know that an effective brake system is crucial, and that’s why we make it our job to fit your vehicle with the best.

ATE provides a warranty against manufacturing defects for the brake pads’ lifespan. However, a qualified fitting technician has to fit the brakes to a fully functioning hydraulic brake system, and the brake pads to discs or drums that are in a good state. Abnormal driving, such as racing or continual overloading, will wear down your brakes and impact the warranty validity.

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