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Fleet Division

We lower the cost of fleet maintenance –for good!

Our Fleet Division is specially formulated to help corporate fleet operators with their fleet-related problems. Supa Quick’s solutions ensure that drivers, managers and fleet owners to reach the optimum operational efficiency – financially and functionally.

Many esteemed and exacting fleet operators prefer Supa Quick as our fleet solutions support and satisfy corporate needs.


Supa Quick is committed to supplying the top products available. These high calibre products are essential in maintaining your substantial investment, your fleet. Technical and commercial specialists provide the best service possible and fit your vehicles with the correct parts, that are as high quality as those first fitted.

This way, you keep your fleet value and retain its resale value.


Supa Quick provides a one-stop solution to many fleet-related issues. A broad range of products and services let clients limit the number of suppliers they need to solve their problem.

A high level of craftsmanship goes into each product, making Supa Quick industry-leading and reliable. Fleet owners and drivers are assured that their expectations have been met with the highest possible standard.

Each Supa Quick Auto Centre is equally committed to providing clients with the service they need, quickly, efficiently and consistently wherever you are, from the city centre to rural town.


Supa Quick knows that time is money. That is why, under a fleet agreement, the Supa Quick team can complete up to five underbody services on a vehicle in one visit only. The aim is to lessen inconvenience and get your business up and running quickly and effectively.

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