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Exhaust Fitment

At Supa Quick, we know how to expertly fit exhausts that fulfils your car’s performance and your budget requirements. As the supplier with more exhaust sales than any other fitment centre in South Africa, we can provide the best solution for your vehicle.

Our exhaust fitment benefits

1. Wave technology

We specialise in perfecting conversion – the improvement of exhaust gas flow. With our wave technology, annual fuel costs lower as back-pressure is eliminated through enhanced gas movement from the cylinder. Once your car needs a new exhaust system, our expert technicians will fit a new, tuned exhaust that provides the benefit of wave technology.

2. Multi-chamber efficiency

We keep exhaust noise emission low with multi-chamber silencers.
By tuning the acoustic wave,

Supa Quick experts can increase your car’s engine performance by 12%.

3. Economic exhausts

Safety comes first, which is why we only stock reliable and trustworthy brands that manufacture products at an exceptionally high standard. Fortunately, as we are the top exhaust fitment supplier in South Africa, we get our stock at a discount which we extend to our customers – making exhausts affordable.

4. Exhaust guarantee

All of the products we stock come with a warranty and exhausts are no exception. The manufacture guarantee commences from the manufacture date; 18 months for mild steel exhausts and 60 months for stainless steel exhausts.

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